Fitness & Nutrition

Personalized Training & Nutrition Plans

Ready to smash your fitness goals and finally achieve the results you deserve?

At Max Fuel 6, we offer a range of personalized training and nutrition plans designed to fuel your journey and help you reach your peak potential.

Whether you prefer a self-directed approach or crave hands-on support, we have a solution for you

    DIY Training & Nutrition for Goal Getters:

    8-Week Personalized Plan ($499)

    • Take control with a customized workout program
    • tailored meal plan
    • 25% off coupon for Max Fuel 6 supplements to boost your results.

    Done-With-You Coaching for Maximum Results

    Monthly Packages (Starting at $599)

    • LVL 1-3 months-$799/month
    • LVL 2-6 months-$699/month
    • LVL 3-12 months-$599/month


    • Elevate your training with personalized training and fitness plans
    • Make Adjustments to your personalized plans 
    • unlimited coach support
    • regular progress checks
    • Max Fuel 6 supplement and Merch (40%-50% discount)

    $50 charge is a Non-Refundable deposit Towards the Plan you want to initiate. 
    Do Not Pay Just to Book. AGAIN the $50 dollar charge is a Non-refundable deposit that will go towards the balance of your plan